Sean offers keynote, half-day and full-day programs covering:
  • Don't Be an Outlaw: The Ethical Imperative to Follow the Law (1 hr)
    Lawyers must not only have a fundamental understanding of the law, but also, a fundamental commitment to abiding by it. And while the necessity to avoid committing major felonies is obvious to everyone, some lawyers forget about the necessity to follow the "little laws" as well. In this eye-opening webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will recount the tales of past Ethy Award nominees (those who were recognized the best of the worst ethics violations). These lawyers learned, albeit too late, that if you do even a minor crime, you will do the disciplinary time.

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    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Wonderful presentation, excellent presenter. "

    "Sean's presentations are always so much fun! "

    "Very entertaining presenter given the nature of the material. It was an enjoyable hour."

    "I do not think I have laughed or learned so much with an Ethics CLE"

    "Enjoyed the presentation - stories stick better than lectures!"

    "The program was educational and entertaining"


    "Awesome presenter. Will attend future webinars."

    "This was great. The host's sense of humor made it fun."

    "Thank you - informative and the presentation style was very engaging."

    "Presenter made ethics fun!"

    "Engaging speaker; made topic relevant and interesting"

    "Informative - fast moving - entertaining. What's not to like. Thanks!"

    "Very funny--three hours of ethics seminar well better than just tolerable. Thanks"

    "This was hilarious and informative. I did have some trouble with audio and had to switch to call in."

    "Good content and kept my attention. I really related to the child's college application part is that is my current stage of life"

    "Really enjoyed. Nicely done!"

    "Excellent as always."



    Don't Try This At Home: Why You Should Never Emulate TV Lawyers (1 hr)
    Lawyers on our favorite legal dramas - Boston Legal, The Practice, L.A. Law - often act in ways that would cause significant trouble for actual lawyers. In this multimedia presentation, legal humorist Sean Carter demonstrates some of the worst of TV lawyer behavior and explains how similar (although less severe) behavior sometimes creeps into the actual practice of law, decreasing a lawyer's ability to best serve his or her clients and uphold the ideals of the profession.

    In this multimedia webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will demonstrate some of the worst of TV lawyer behavior through short (30-60 second) video clips from these shows. After each video snippet, he will discuss the precise rule violated and what the lawyer should have done to avoid the ethical violation.

    While these examples will provide for a more engaging experience for the lawyer attendee, they will also serve as a reminder that our clients are watching these same programs. As a result, this webinar will serve as a useful reminder for each attorney to manage the client's expectations by having candid conversations detailing just what the lawyer can (and more importantly, can NOT) do in the course of the representation.
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Most engaging ethics CLE I've seen in a long time."

    "I like the program. I will recommend it to others. "

    "Very informative and also entertaining. Would have liked to have longer presentation."

    "Great presentation I liked the incorporation of clips from TV and movies - made the content more interesting. "

    "Mr. Carter was great as always!"

    "Such a fun class! Where has this guy been all my CLE life???"

    "I never watch TV and was very unaware of these shows! Now I will better understand my clients who may watch these shows! "

    "This was so much fun = Thank you !!!"

    "Best CLE ever!"

    "I really enjoyed the presentation. I usually despise the presentation of ethics but this was EXCELLENT!"

    "Excellent CLE. the videos were a little choppy but overall great content."

    "The speaker was engaging and relevant. I would have liked a video feed that included a camera on him. I think it would have added to the presentation instead of just staring at the slides."

    "It was entertaining and informative--thanks! I'll never watch Boston Legal the same way again."

    "The presentation was an entertaining way to review the Rules of Professional Conduct. Audio needs improvement."

    "My favorite CLE presenter! Kansas Bar Association if you see these comments please keep using Sean!"

    "Great seminar - thanks"

    "I enjoyed this webinar. "

    "First time. Very interesting format. Nice job."

    "Great as always"

    "Great presentation"

    Enough is Enough: Avoiding Vexatious Lawyering (1 hr)
    While lawyers are expected to provide their clients with zealous representation, we are not allowed to become outright zealots in pursuit of our client's objectives. Yet, time and again, this is precisely what happens as lawyers become fixated on winning at all costs. And as a result, they end up paying the ultimate price -- the loss of their license to practice law.

    In this sobering but surprisingly funny presentation, legal humorist Sean Carter will distinguish permissible zealous legal practices from unethical legal zealotry.

    In this sobering but surprisingly funny presentation, legal humorist Sean Carter will distinguish permissible zealous legal practices from unethical legal zealotry. Moreover, he will provide helpful tips to overcome the temptation (and sometime, client expectation) to play "hardball" and to avoid those situations that are most likely to cause lawyers to cross ethical lines. In particular, we will discuss:

    • Frivolous lawsuits
    • Prosecutorial misconduct
    • Threats
    • Retaliatory actions
    • Desperate tactics
    • Excess stubbornness
    From Competence to Excellence: The Ethical Imperative for Excellent Client Service (1 hr)
    The very first rule of the ethics canon calls for lawyers to provide competent representation to clients. Yet, mere competence isn't enough to satisfy our ethical obligations to our clients. We must instead strive for excellence. In this unique webinar, noted legal humorist Sean Carter will highlight the need for excellence in client service and demonstrate the consequences of mediocrity by recounting the sagas of past Ethy Award nominees -- lawyers who earned CLE infamy for the failure to provide excellent client service.

    In this webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will review the competence requirement with an eye towards demonstrating that the ethical canon actually requires far more than mere competence on the part of practitioners. In doing so, he will discuss:

    • The four competencies (skill, preparation, knowledge, thoroughness)
    • The importance of relevant past experience
    • The Preparation Paradox
    • The different kinds of knowledge required by the rules
    • The three keys to diligent representation (avoiding conflicts of interest, over-commitment and procrastination)
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Always such a pleasure. I really do "learn" from your presentations."

    "This guy was hilarious and informative at the same much so that I really did pay attention the entire time. "

    "Love this speaker. "

    "Very engaging speaker. His deliberate humor is going to help me remember the content."

    "Another great presentation! "

    "Presenter was informative and funny! A great duo "

    "Excellent presentation - great examples."

    "Enjoyable, interesting and helpful."

    "Good refresher on what matters."

    "Fun and infomative. Thanks"

    "Very entertaining easy to watch."

    "Just love Sean's CLE's"

    "Very engaging speaker."

    "Great presentation! "


    "Excellent Program"

    "great speaker and good handouts"

    "Very entertaining and engaging. Thank you!"

    "Informative and entertaining!"

    "Excellent and entertaining. Thank you!"

    It's Not the Fruit, It's the Root: Getting to the Bottom of Our Ethical Ills (1 hr)
    In this unique legal ethics seminar, Sean goes beyond the "dos" and "don'ts" of the Rules of Professional Conduct to get to the heart of the matter -- the common mindsets that result in ethical violations in the first place. Furthermore, he will provide tips and insights on how to heal ourselves from these mindsets so that the ethical canons become guide posts and not obstacles in our drive to become successful lawyers.

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    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Most entertaining CLE I've attended-- thank you!"

    "Very funny speaker. I enjoyed the presentation. "

    "Loved this presentation. He made it enjoyable informative and fun to listen to. Thank you"

    "Great common sense advice and the humor was most enjoyable."

    "Sean Carter was hysterical. Best Ethics CLE in my 20 years as a lawyer"

    "The technology went down in the middle but I was able to get it back up. "

    "Great program. Light-hearted way to cover a serious topic."

    "The best CLE I've ever participated in."

    "Very entertaining and a good reminder of basic ethical principles."

    "Really funny and practical."

    "He is my favorite presenter of all time. "

    "Excellent and entertaining CLE with great ethics reminders!"

    "Sean Carter is funny and enjoyable as always"

    "Great way to spend a lunch hour getting some ethics CLE. And the lessons were good too."

    "Fantastic content and the technology was slick! "

    "Enjoyed very much - Sean is a scream!"

    "Excellent speaker and content."

    "Great use of the 7 deadly sins; especially #2 & #7 (my favorites)!"

    "Great webinar! Thank you!"

    "Excellent presentation! "

    Keep It Classy (and Ethical): How Not to Market Legal Services (1 hr)
    With current technology, legal marketing has never been easier or less expensive. Anyone with a cell phone can shoot and distribute a commercial online in a matter of minutes. Moreover, lawyers can make their presence known on social media, blogs, law firm websites and lawyer referral sites. It's never been easier for a lawyer to get the word out. Nor has it ever been easier for lawyers to run afoul of the ethical rules regulating legal marketing.

    In this fun multimedia presentation, legal humorist Sean Carter will show examples of lawyers who cross the boundaries of legal ethics (or just good taste).

    In this fun multimedia presentation, legal humorist Sean Carter will show examples of lawyers who cross the boundaries of legal ethics (or just good taste). In particular, he will give examples of lawyers who inappropriately use branding, jingles and humor in their legal marketing. Furthermore, he will demonstrate how such efforts can create unjustified expectations, inadvertently give legal advice, and diminish the image of the profession in the eyes of the public.
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "very entertaining very easy technology-wise! thank you!!"

    "Thank you for putting this together! Funny ! "

    "Best one ever!"

    "Amazing!! "

    "Great program"

    "Very funny"

    Legal Ethics Is No Laughing Matter: What Lawyer Jokes Say About Our Ethical Foibles (1 hr)
    In this one-of-a-kind ethics presentation, Mr. Carter explores the topic of lawyer jokes, whether they have any basis in fact and what they say about our adherence to the rules of professional conduct. He does so through the use of video clips dramatizing these jokes. He also will use audience polling and questions from attendees to spread the "laughter."

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    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Best Ethics CLE I've ever attended!"

    "Creative CLE!"

    "Great presentation. Very informative and entertaining."

    "This was the best seminar yet. Sean was at the top of his game. He clearly loves presenting this seminar. I enjoyed it."

    "This is truly the best way to handle ethics CLE and have it "stick" with you! "

    "Good seminar. Technology gets us all sooner or later. "

    "Entertaining seminar. The web interface was a little buggy at times but I had printed materials for all the jokes."

    "Excellent presenter. Material was a bit basic but important."

    "Humor is the "universal solvent" against the abrasive elements of life!! (according to my dear Mother-who taught me much and loved me more!)"

    "Excellent way to teach with joy! Also Robert Stockton #20634 watched it in our office."

    "This was great and very entertaining "

    "VERY FUNNY!!"

    "Very enjoyable program. It made me think."

    "Great course. Entertaining and informative."

    "Presented dry topic in an enjoyable manner."

    "Really entertaining"

    "Great job. Refreshing way to get some ethic's credit."

    "A good ethics refresher and a pretty fun session besides. And of course tremendous acting haha. Thanks again!"

    "It was funny and informative "

    "Very entertaining presentation of ethics."

    Lies, Damn Lies & Legal Marketing: The Ethics of Legal Marketing (1 hr)
    What is effective advertising in other fields is rarely acceptable in the field of law. In this entertaining ethics course, Sean Carter examines in detail the ethical rules concerning marketing and their practical implications. The program also covers common advertising strategies employed by attorneys, and the pitfalls many attorneys will encounter.

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    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "The program was a great refresher and well presented. "

    "Among the "2019 Super Humorists". Very well done."

    "Thank you Sean. Excellent entertaining and instructive."

    "Twice in 2 weeks; both excellent presentations."

    "Best CLE I've seen a quite some time"

    "Hilarious! "

    "Sean is HA-Larious!"

    "Excellent overview with good examples."

    "I appreciated the humor! Good material to think about especially the social media segment!"

    "It was great to learn with humor."

    "First time I've laughed out loud during a CLE webinar! Thanks for the fun illustrations of the relevant principles."

    "I enjoyed this seminar. Sean Carter is very funny. Most CLE's are like going to the dentist but this was different."

    "Very entertaining and informative. Sean is the best hands down."

    "His programs are always timely and funny. I wish we could have gone more in-depth for solo advertising small firms and new technology use advertising."

    "Very entertaining and informative. Hard to believe that people actually paid money for some of the commercials that were shown!"

    "Very entertaining. Would have loved a deeper dive with more complex material."

    "Sean made a typically dry topic amusing and engaging. I'd hoped for more discussion of advertising but what I got was valuable."

    "Great CLE! First time taking w. this company. "

    "Excellent! Stayed awake entire time!"

    "I loved the ads especially the Massachusetts lawyers. Mr. Carter's delivery is sound. Great program. Thank you."

    Loose Lips Sink Partnerships (and Clients Too): The Ethical Way to Honor Client Confidentiality (1 hr)
    One of the most sacrosanct duties for lawyers is the duty of confidentiality. A client has a right to trust that his or her lawyer will not improperly divulge information about the representation. This trust is one of the hallmarks of the client-lawyer relationship. In this surprisingly funny webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will explore the contours of the rules concerning lawyer confidentiality.

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    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "I really like this guy! He's fun funny and knows his stuff."

    "Just really enjoy learning dry issues in a humorous perspective...tip a-da-hat to Sean!!"

    "Material was presented in an comprehensible and entertaining manner. Well done!"

    "So funny wish he could teach all my CLEs"

    "Very funny. Made the material stick in my mind."

    "Well done--engaging speaker and the information was accurate."

    "Great commentary. Will definitely do it again."

    "Hilarious and informative. "

    "Very funny and informative"

    "Very funny and informative at the same time!"

    "Very good seminar. Packed a lot in an hour. Excellent speaker"

    "Great webinar. Thanks for making this available."

    "I enjoy Sean's presentation style more with each new class."

    "Excellent webinar; great content."

    "Great presentation; best ethics presentation I have ever heard. "

    "Sean was hilarious! "

    "I always enjoy your seminars! Thanks again! "

    "Great program - easy and entertaining hour of credit."

    "Interesting and informative. The only reason I did not give five stars was because I wanted to be believed. I enjoyed the program"

    "Presenter was fabulous. I had to listen by phone for the first 6 minutes due to technical difficulties nut was able to get in by computer after that. I had even conducted the "test run" before starting and was told that my computer was ready to go."

    Show Me The Ethics!: The Ethical Way to Bill for Legal Services (1 hr)
    While it is important for lawyers to be compensated for their services, it is even more important for lawyers to use ethical billing and collection practices in securing such compensation. Drawing on examples provided by current and past nominees from his annual Ethy Awards for the worst ethical behavior, legal humorist Sean Carter will provide a poignant reminder of how NOT to bill clients and collect fees. And in the process, he will reinforce the relevant legal ethics principles underlying such practices.

    Sample from a recorded webinar
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Excellent seminar. Very enjoyable and entertaining."

    "An easy way to fulfill an hour of ethics credit over the lunch break!"

    "First time on a Sean Carter webinar. I'd recommend."

    "Awesome presenter. Great way to review ethics. Thx!"

    "Always love this speaker!"

    "great-could listen for another hour on rest of canons"

    "Loved the presenter. Very engaging and informative."

    "I really enjoyed the class and looked for others he will be teaching soon."

    "Great presenter."

    "Very entertaining and also useful."

    "The presenter was awesome!"

    "Always enjoy Sean's webinars. "

    "Great webinar!"

    "Concise information and a good refresher."

    "Very informative and enjoyable. Thanks!"

    "Very informative and entertaining"



    "Great CLE!"


    Technical Fouls: Even Minor Ethics Violations Can Have Major Consequences (1 hr)
    When it comes to ethics violations, there is no such thing as a minor or "technical" foul. All ethics violations are serious matters, evidencing a breach of the trust that has been placed in the lawyer. As a result, lawyers must avoid falling into the mindset that a particular violation is "no big deal."

    To make this case, noted legal humorist Sean Carter will chronicle a number of recent ethics cases in which lawyers were surprised to discover that even minor ethics violations can have major consequences.

    Sample from a recorded webinar
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Always instructive, entertaining, informative and educational -- and damn fun too!!!"

    "Always a great presenter and as funny a teacher as they come!"

    "Ethics is a dry topic and I appreciate speakers like Sean Carter who can make it both interesting and informative. Good presentation Mr. Carter."

    "Combining humor with the seminar makes it much more enjoyable 👍"

    "Presenter was hilarious and informative best CLE hour in a long time"

    " always!"

    "As always Sean Carter is great!!"

    "The webinar was both helpful and very entertaining."

    "The issues covered were things you don't think about but should."

    "Entertaining webinar; the presenter is really humorous!"

    "Entertaining CLE with interesting examples. "

    "Very enjoyable. Reminded me that there are no technical violations. "

    "Very informative and entertaining."

    "Entertaining CLE"

    "Informative and enjoyable presentation"

    "Great Presentation!"

    "Lots of fun and information. "

    "Excellent presentation "

    "Very entertaining! Kept my attention. "

    "Great info and very funny."

    The 2019 Ethy Awards (2 hrs)
    Each year, Hollywood celebrates the best performances in motion pictures at the Oscars. Well, in this program, we note the worst ethics violations in the legal profession at the Ethys. Humorist Sean Carter will host the festivities and announce the award winners in such categories as: Worst Original Excuse, Best Courtroom Outburst, Most Creative Billing, Least Competent, and much more. In the process of recapping some of the most egregious instances of unethical behavior, Mr. Carter will demonstrate how the rest of us can avoid more common ethical violations.

    Sample from a live program
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Great content presented is an interesting way that kept me interested but still made the important points and imparted good information."

    "I always enjoy the Ethy Awards! Or any other Mesa CLE - thanks Sean!"

    "One of the best CLE presentations."

    "Enjoyed the entertaining and instructive commentary."

    "Really great presentation. An entertaining and informational way to get an ethics update."

    "Very well presented very funny easy to listen too and informative"

    "Appreciate the effort to make an ethics CLE interesting and humorous."

    "I always take the Ethy Awards CLE"

    "The presenter was wonderful one of the best presenters that I have had. I would highly recommend one of Sean Carter's CLEs to friends. "

    "Best ethics seminar that I've ever taken"

    "Sean was the best CLE presenter I've heard in a LONG time. Loved this."

    "Great Seminar!"

    "Great - funny and informative"

    "Very entertaining"

    "Great seminar to make ethics fun and interesting "



    "The Presenter has a great sense of humor!"

    "Great presentation!"

    "Very entertaining ethics CLE"

    The Ties That Bind: Avoiding Inappropriate Entanglements in the Practice of Law (1 hr)
    To be an effective advocate, a lawyer must maintain a fair degree of dispassionate objectivity. The lawyer who becomes personally involved in the representation does the client a disservice. This is even more true for the lawyer who becomes personally involved with the client. In this webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will explain the importance of avoiding this most basic conflict of interest and will relate the tragic (but sometimes fascinating) tales of lawyers who learned this lesson too late.

    Sample from a recorded webinar
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Very funny. Good way to get my ethics credit"

    "Great as always!"

    "Well done. Some of it moved a bit too quickly; but overall good job."

    "Content was excellent. I enjoyed the presenter except that he talked a little too fast."

    "Awesome as always. Love the "Black don't crack" comment. LOL!"

    "Good content and humor. Really enjoy your stuff. "


    "An enjoyable way to cover this material"

    "Always great - thank you!"

    "Excellent and entertaining"

    "Excellent Program"


    "Entertaining and topical as applied to relevant ethics rules and standards."

    "Generally informative; takes dull subject matter and makes it worth the time."


    "All good. Great humor."

    "Excellent CLE. "

    "interesting and entertaining."

    The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth: The Ethical Imperative for Honesty in Law Practice (1 hr)
    Dr. Martin Luther King once said, "A fact is the absence of contradiction, but the truth is the presence of coherence." As lawyers, we are duty bound to be more than just factual. Lawyers must tell the truth to clients, judges, and even opposing counsel and third parties. In this eye-opening webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will deal frankly with the very human inclination for dishonesty and explain how to avoid the traps from which dishonesty most often springs. In doing so, he will draw upon current and past nominees from his annual Ethy Awards to show the consequences of dishonesty.

    Sample from a live program
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "This is the 2nd or 3rd Mesa CLE I have taken and they are always well done and with all kidding a side very useful in my practice. "

    "I really enjoy Mr. Carter's presentation of the law. It is in a format that I glean more insight as to the subject at hand to use in my practice. I truly appreciate him being able to take important subjects break them down into usually humorous examples but get across the point for which we are all needing these CLE's hats off to Sean!"

    "This is the second Carter presentation I've heard. Both were great."

    "Great presentation. I have heard him before. He's really good "

    "This presenter is excellent. I love his CLEs. "

    "MESA CLEs are always the most entertaining."

    "Best presentation of an ethics seminar I have ever seen/heard."

    "The presenter was great; informative and entertaining. "

    "The presenter was amazing!"

    "Informative and enjoyable (this dude is funny)"

    "Good review with an excellent speaker. The stories of other lawyers getting into trouble makes the message very real."

    "Excellent presentation - very informative AND humorous."

    "Excellent and informative! Great presenter and great topic."

    "It was thoughtful and entertaining."

    "Entertaining and useful."

    "Little bit of sugar made the medicine go down. I liked the humor."

    "Quite enjoyable. Full functioning tech would have been better. "

    "Loved the talk. The audio occasionally out however."

    "The presenter gave great examples to explain the rules."

    "Interesting and well presented in a thoughtful way. Is there a way to obtain the outline of the presenter? If so I'd like a copy."

    Thou Shalt Not Lie, Cheat & Steal: The Ten Commandments of Legal Ethics (1 hr)
    Sean Carter sets out to prove that legal ethics isn't an oxymoron by delivering an off-beat "sermon" on the Ten Commandments of Avoiding Ethical Problems as a Lawyer. And by the end, he will have you shouting Hallelujah, yelling Amen and hopefully, passing around a collection plate.

    Sample from a live program
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Great mixture of information and story telling."

    "Great CLE - funny and memorable"

    "Entertaining and informative as always"

    "Great way to review ethics!"

    "Great as usual. Informative and entertaining."

    "Sean was engaging and entertaining. Best ethics CLE i have had in a long time."

    "Awesome as always"

    "The presenter was very engaging and managed to make a normally very dry subject pretty funny."

    "OMG this was hilarious!!! I loved this CLE! I hope that I can do one of Sean Carter's CLEs for my credits next year!!"

    "Amusing well-connected to the real world."

    "The presentation was excellent; the advice was very practical. "

    "First ethics CLE where I was crying from laughter and not from fear! Hilarious!"

    "As always carter was entertaining and got his points across."

    "This was the first time that I enjoyed a CLE on ethics. Sean made me want to pay attention."

    "Useful information presented in a hilarious manner."

    "Very entertaining on a dry subject!"

    "One of the most enjoyable ethics webinars I have attended"

    "I enjoyed this webinar. The material was thoughtfully presented and entertaining. I appreciate that. After 23 years of boring CLEs, this was a nice change."

    "This speaker was great. I usually dread the ethics CLE courses because they are so dull. I specifically chose Sean Carter's course because learning is way more fun if it a course is entertaining. Sean didn't disappoint."

    "Another great CLE....! Very informative and answered many questions I've had for quite some time."

    Yakety Yak! Do Call Back!: The Ethical Need for Prompt Client Communication (1 hr)
    While it is important to comply with every obligation of the ethics canon, the obligation to promptly communicate with the client may be the most important. Lawyers who flaunt this rule leave their clients with no choice but to contact the state bar in a desperate attempt to seek answers to their questions. And, of course, by that point, the disciplinary authorities will have a long list of questions of their own.

    In this insightful webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will provide lawyers with practical tips for how to meet the increasingly difficult of burden of talking, emailing and texting to each client's content.

    In this insightful webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter will provide lawyers with practical tips for how to meet the increasingly difficult of burden of talking, emailing and texting to each client's content. In doing so, he will draw upon current and past nominees from his annual Ethy Awards for the worst ethical behavior to provide poignant reminders of the consequences of failing to meet the requirement. In particular, this webinar will cover:

    • The shortening window for "prompt" client communication
    • Managing multiple communication avenues
    • The reason for most failures of communication
    • Avoiding compounding the initial error
    • Dealing with the "unreasonable" client
    • Ensuring effective communication
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Excellent course! Sean Carter is informative and funny."

    "Mr. Carter was very entertaining and kept my attention the entire webinar."

    "Excellent presentation! Can't wait for the next one!"

    "Loved this presenter and his perspective. He made it very easy to follow and relate to on a daily level. Please have more CLE's with him! Thank you! "

    "By far one of the very best presenters."

    "Interesting (funny) and informative. Not hard to pay attention (which is a great compliment for a CLE!)"

    "Look forward to Mr. Carter's seminars every year! "

    "The green screen overlap was nice. Must better engagement and helped follow along during the presentation."


    "Great presentation!"

    "Awesome presentation!"

    "The presentation was very entertaining and informative. I would attend others facilitated by this presenter. "

    "Great CLE"

    "Thank you it was enlightening!"

    "Nicely done- very funny and helpful."

    "Excellent presentation "

    "Enjoyable and useful"

    "Funny and Informative. Nice Job!"

    "Very worthwhile and interesting"

    "Great presentation"

    Yelp, I've Fallen for Social Media and I Can't LinkedOut: The Ethical Pitfalls of Social Media (1 hr)
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other social media tools have become ubiquitous in our high-tech society. And while social media can undoubtedly help lawyers to enhance their networks of colleagues, clients and prospective clients, it can also ensnare the unwary in a web of ethical violations.

    Sample from a recorded webinar
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "It was very informative and entertaining! LOVED the photoshopped pictures!"

    "Very enjoyable way to take a seminar"

    "Commentator was great. "

    "Love this presenter--I actually choose seminars based on him being the presenter and not necessarily the content"

    "Awesome as usual!"

    "Entertaining reminder of how the same ethical rules still apply in a social media era."

    "Presenter and material was awesome."

    "Great seminar! Very entertaining and informative."

    "Very entertaining presentation of what would be expected to be a very dry topic."

    "Great - thank you for offering humorous but still helpful content!"

    "Raise thoughtful ethical issues in enjoyable format."

    "Funny and painless! Good reminder of ethical pitfalls!"

    "Sean continues to be entertaining and informative!"

    "Informative while being entertaining. Wish all CLE could be like that."

    "This was a fantastic CLE. It was very informative and the interactivity allowed me to ask and have questions answered online by the presenter. Fantastic...!"

    "Great presentation! Easy to access and thoroughly enjoyed it."

    "Made a dry topic entertaining! "

    "Speaker was excellent!"

    "Informative and entertaining! Who could ask for more in a CLE?"

    "Presenter was great. Really"

  • If You Can't Say Something Nice, Shut Up!: The Ethical Imperative for Civility (1 hr)
    As children, we were all taught, "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all." Well, that advice holds especially true for lawyers. Whether in open court, a deposition, or contract negotiation, lawyers who choose to "go low," run a high risk of bar discipline. Increasingly, disciplinary authorities are treating the once aspirational goal of civility as a mandate. Therefore, it's important for all lawyers to be reminded of their obligation to "play nice."

    In the style that has made him a favorite presenter from coast to coast, legal humorist Sean Carter will demonstrate the importance of civility. By drawing from examples from his annual Ethy Awards for the best of the worst ethics violations, Mr. Carter will show what happens to lawyers who forget the dos, and perhaps more importantly, the DONTs of civility:

    • Disparaging remarks
    • Obscenities
    • Negative generalizations
    • Threats
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Sean Carter was extremely funny and made a great case for lawyers behaving respectfully and with civility.."

    "Enjoyable as always with Sean Carter."

    "Loved Carter and his presentation. Very interesting and engaging."

    "I love every Sean Carter presentation that I have attended. He is fantastic."

    "As always informative and entertaining"

    "Great presentation. Outstanding content. And very fun. Thank you so much! "

    "Sean is very dynamic - he makes ethics CLEs fun!"

    "Excellent...Members fo the Bar should be REQUIRED TO SEE THIS!!!"

    "Another excellent seminar!"


    "Enjoyed the program. It obviously took a lot of effort to find cases to fit this particular subject. Even though presented in a humorous vein the ethical points were well made and unambiguous."

    "Thanks to the presenter!"

    "Very good topic and presentation."

    "The presenter was very lively. I appreciate the current real life examples."

    "Great presentation!"

    "Funny! :)"

    "Great Program"



    "Well done - made material entertaining"

    May It Displease the Court?: Keeping Your Head (and Your Law License) in Court (1 hr)
    In this hilarious webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter reviews some of the most outrageous breaches of lawyer decorum in recent years. In doing so, he will address the underlying reasons for lawyers to act out in this manner and provide tips to prevent losing control of our emotions (and our law licenses).

    Sample from a recorded webinar
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "The speaker and material was great! Thank you. What a delightful and educational way to spend during our "Stay at Home" order."

    "Great common sense and truth."

    "Presenter was very natural and funny. Engaging and insightful. TY!"

    "Sean is THE. BEST. I love these webinars. Ideal way to get ethics credit. "

    "One of the most entertaining CLEs."

    "Laughed out loud."

    "Great webinar! Entertaining and informative!"

    "Best professionalism course I have ever taken. "

    "Mr. Carter is always entertaining in a way that the points stay with me."

    "Excellent presentation. I have heard this presenter previously at our Association of Defense Counsel Meeting. Great material and fun presentation."

    "Great presentation as always!"

    "Very entertaining and informative."

    "Great Presenter!"

    "Very Good. Funny and informative."


    "Very well done!"

    "Entertaining CLE"

    "The presenter was good!"

    "Great and fun."

    "Excellent and funny presenter. Kept me interested the entire time."

    Nice Lawyers Finish First (1 hr)
    It's been said that nice guys finish last. And while that might be true in the rough and tumble arenas of politics, professional prize fighting and marriage, nothing could be further from the truth in the practice of law. Zealous representation doesn't require us to be zealots. In fact, the most effective representation requires just the opposite. Nice lawyers finish first ... and so do their clients!

    Sample from a live program
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Been attending a lot of CLEs lately. Hands down best presented yet!"

    "Enjoyed this very much. You made me cry."

    "This was great! I would look for more of his presentations. "

    "Informative and at times hilarious"

    "Interesting CLE. Sean made it entertaining and I liked his examples. "

    "I enjoyed this CLE and would attend another through this medium. "

    "Loved this presentation. He made it enjoyable informative and fun to listen to. Thank you"

    "Inspirational thank you."

    "Enjoyed this very much and I learned a lot too! "

    "Mr. Carter is excellent!"

    "This speaker was the most engaging CLE speaker!"

    "Once again I enjoyed the program and believe it was of benefit. "

    "Excellent program. We all as lawyers need reminding of these points."

    "Very enjoyable and the time Mr. Carter put in to preparation was quite evident."

    "Really good, loved the ending quote and story about the spoons"

    "I absolutely loved this seminar. It made my day! It was a breath of fresh air and presented in a funny but meaningful way. I loved the story of Charlie and the bath house and the lesson in all of that. Awesome job!"

    "Very energetic webinar- watched every moment and learned much!"

    "Excellent CLE; very witty and entertaining"

    "I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar and will look for future events with Mr. Carter."

    "Great presention. Very insightful and great stories to illustrate life lessons"

    Sue Unto Others As You Would Have Them Sue Unto You (1 hr)
    Increasingly, lawyer civility and congeniality is becoming a thing of the past. Yet, it doesn't have to be that way. In this humorous presentation, veteran attorney and legal humorist Sean Carter will remind you that zealous advocacy does not require you to be a zealot.

    Sample from a live program
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "It was great. Good sense of humor and important message. Thank you."

    "Some great insights into human behavior that we all seem to forget."

    "The stories told in the first person were more interesting than a presentation just reciting ethics rules."

    "Excellent presentation - very informative AND humorous."

    "Best CLE ever. What was his name again? If I don't get a response I will look him up and only listen to seminars by him if possible."

    "Entertaining presenter and reasonably priced webinar. Thanks!"



    "The presenter was very entertaining but still presented substantive legal education. "

    "Good presenter"

    "Excellent and entertaining "

    "Interesting seminar; convenient not to have to attend in person"

    "Very Enjoyable"

    "I love me some Sean Carter!"

    "Entertaining speaker!"

    "Enjoyable presentation."

    "Excellent Presentation. Great common sense content presented with humor."

    "I enjoyed the CLE and found it informative."

    "Really good and humorous - on point and practical."


  • Fantasy Supreme Court League: The 2019 Season (2 hrs)
    Step right up to participate in the Fantasy Supreme Court League. In this unique presentation, Sean Carter humorously recaps the significant cases of the most recent term. After receiving the facts of each case, you will compete with lawyers from across the country by attempting to remember (or guess) the outcome and "vote spread" of each case.

    Sample from a recorded webinar

    Legal humorist Sean Carter will give his annual review of the most significant cases to come before the court this term, dealing with such hot-button issues as:

    • Capital punishment
    • Immigration
    • Mandatory arbitration in employment contracts
    • Free speech
    • Asset forfeiture
    • Double jeopardy
    • Separation of church and state
    • Gerrymandering
    • Gun control
    • And more
  • Attorney, Heal Thyself: The Detection, Treatment and Prevention of Substance Abuse (1 hr)
    Substance abuse is a huge problem in the legal profession. Lawyers suffer among the highest rates of alcoholism, drug addiction and being shot in the face by the former Vice President. And while Mr. Carter can't do much about Dick Cheney's aim, he can show you how to detect, treat and prevent substance abuse within your organization.

    Sample from a live program
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Sean is a great presenter and provides a good light-hearted approach to difficult subjects. "

    "Excellent & entertaining instructor!"

    "Best speaker EVER!"

    "I laughed out loud at the comments and slides. It was a great hour on substance abuse."

    "The presenter was very funny and engaging"

    "Great speaker. Best one yet."

    "Outstanding program. Great delivery."

    "Always enjoyable!"

    "Insightful useful topic."

    "Great speaker! Informative and funny!"

    "Very entertaining speaker on a serious topic."

    "He is a fantastic presenter. Keep em coming!"

    "Always love Sean's mix of content with humor."

    "Sean was great per usual. He gets his points across in a relaxed entertaining way. "

    "Fun presentation on an important topic"

    "Many pearls of wisdom."

    "This was a nice way to attend a CLE and fit it in my busy schedule."

    "Thank you for a great seminar!"

    "The presenter was wonderful and the material was helpful. However the audio quality was a little suspect. Not sure if it was an internet connection issue or a microphone issue."


    Lawyers Gone Wild: The Ethical Dangers of Compulsive Behavior (1 hr)
    The practice of law is stressful and at some point, we all must go out and "blow off some steam." However, it's important for lawyers to understand the importance of creating healthy diversions and avoiding activities that can "burn" them in the long-term. In this surprisingly funny webinar, legal humorist Sean Carter demonstrates the ethical pitfalls that await those who fall for the allure of habit-forming substances and activities.

    As members of a high-stress profession, lawyers are particularly vulnerable to seeking outside diversions as a way to reduce stress. In some instances, they turn to healthy behaviors, such as exercise or meditation, or engage in an outside hobby. But in other cases, lawyers engage in less constructive activities, such as drinking, gambling or other activities that can become habit-forming. And once in the throws of an addiction, the lawyer runs the very real risk of personal and professional peril.

    Drawing on real-life disciplinary cases from his acclaimed Ethy Awards program, noted humorist Sean Carter will explore the numerous ethical pitfalls facing the lawyer who has fallen into a pattern of compulsive behavior. In particular, he will discuss the most common ethical violations that result from compulsive behavior, such as:

    • Drug offenses (e.g., possession, manufacture and distribution)
    • DUI (driving under the influence)
    • Disorderly conduct
    • Inappropriate sexual advances
    • Financial improprieties
    • PUI (practicing under the influence)
    • Breaches of confidentiality
    • Rehabilitation and reinstatement
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "Another enjoyable informative program."

    "Fantastic and hilarious as always!"

    "Great way to present what can be less than exciting material"

    "Excellent I really enjoyed how the presenter made everything light-hearted. "

    "This speaker is just terrific. Great stories! And he's a riot!"

    "Sean has a great presentation wjhich is why I have been signing up for a couple of his shows each year for the last few years. Good Job!!"

    "Very pleasant and enjoyable ethics credits!"

    "Class was great! "

    "Great program "

    "Good presentation. Clear and to the point."

    "Great presentation!"

  • Fail Better: Continuing Efforts to Eliminate Bias in the Legal Profession (1 hr)
    In this surprisingly funny seminar, Sean Carter will illustrate how even hidden and seemingly benign biases prevent lawyers from effectively representing clients and creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. And while these biases are somewhat unavoidable, it is possible for lawyers to "fail better" in a continuing effort to eliminate bias in the legal profession.

    Sample from a live program
    What lawyers are saying about this program
    "This was an excellent (engaging and thought provoking) webinar. "

    "Amen Brother Sean!"

    "Always amazed that this presenter is actually funny. Nice work. "


    "Great CLE!"

    "Excellent presentation."

    "Excellent speaker"

    "Great webinar!"

    "Great seminar!"

    "Very enjoyable and informative!"

    "Great webinar!"


These programs have enlivened a wide variety of events:
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IT'S NOT THE FRUIT, IT'S THE ROOT: The Seven Deadly Sins of Judicial Ethics
In this unique legal ethics seminar, Sean goes beyond the "dos" and "don'ts" of the judicial ethics to get to the heart of the matter -- the common mindsets that result in ethical violations in the first place. Furthermore, he will provide tips and insights on how to heal ourselves from these mindsets so that the judicial ethical canons become guide posts and not obstacles in your drive for judicial excellence.

Audience reaction from a recent judicial conference
Sean offers keynote and training programs covering:
Business Ethics
Customer Service
Stress Management
These programs have proven popular at corporate and association events, such as:
Corporate Retreats
Training Sessions
Association Meetings
THOU SHALT NOT LIE, CHEAT & STEAL: The 10 Commandments of Business Ethics (Ethics)
In this humorous “sermonar,” Sean Carter sets out to prove that business ethics is not an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp, military intelligence or rap music. Using witty one-liners and hilarious anecdotes, Sean will demonstrate that ethical behavior in business is as simple as ethical behavior in all areas of life; and just as important.

View a sample from a live program
FAIL BETTER: Continuing Efforts Towards an Inclusive Workplace (Diversity)
In this surprisingly funny seminar, Sean Carter will illustrate how even hidden and seemingly benign biases creep into hiring and promotion decisions. And while these biases are somewhat unavoidable, it is possible for business leaders to "fail better" in a continuing effort towards an inclusive workplace.

View a sample from a live program
Have you ever found yourself so stressed out at work that you've had to lock yourself in your office and say the Serenity Prayer? "Grant me the serenity to accept the things that I can not change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom not to slap someone in the parking lot." If so, then perhaps you need to hear Sean Carter's three tips on how to clean up the stress mess:

  • Get a Clue -- The first step to effectively managing stress is to understand its source
  • Get a Grip -- You can't always control the circumstances at work, but you can get a grip on your reaction to them
  • Get a Life -- Finding a passion outside of your job can be the greatest antidote to anxiety

View a sample from a live program
Sean offers luncheon and after-dinner speeches for a variety of legal and corporate events:
Association Meetings
Awards Ceremonies
In each such case, Sean works with the event organizer to deliver a customized (and relevant) presentation. Below you will find an excerpt from a talk given in Ontario, Canada.